Emergency Services

You are never alone with Collision Craftsmen! The inconvenience of an after hour mishap is no longer inconvenient! Immediately preceding an after hour mishap and you are sure all occupants are un-injured or have had medical treatment the traditional thoughts sets in. How will I get to work? How will the kids get to school? Who can I call for a ride and so forth! At Collision Craftsmen we have eliminated all of those worries!

24 Hour Wreckers

In the event of an after hour mishap with a simple call to 877-4-COLLISION we are there. One of our 24 hour wreckers will immediately be dispatched to your location to secure your vehicle and deliver the vehicle to the closest Collision Craftsmen facility.

Emergency Use Service Loaners

Upon the arrival of our wrecker the driver will have a late model service loaner from Enterprise Rent-A-Car for you to use free of charge until the next regular business day! Some restrictions apply* Collision Craftsmen offers 24 hour emergency service. We even deliver to you a rental vehicle. Just call:


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