Unfortunately, I was in an accident and i had the basic PLPD insurance on my vehicle.  There was quite of bit of damage to my front end including the deployment of my air bags and the locking of my seat belts.  There is only one car in my home and I’m currently pay check to paycheck. I needed an auto repair shop that could give me the lowest price and repair as fast as possible. When speaking to my uncle who had just recently had work done on his vehicle his one and only response was Collision Craftsman. He explained to me that he was referred to this shop by his insurance company for not only the best price but exceptional work. This sounded like a no brainer to me.  I called and was told that they would help me out without any delay. With such a positive and reassuring response i drove my very damaged vehicle to their shop. The original estimate was $4,900. They not only explained the reason for the price but broke it down to where labor was at absolute minimum. My world ended right there and then. As i explained the dire situation and the difficulty in my funds it was out of my reach. I asked Pat if there were anyway some of the items could wait and i could drive out of there with the minimum of work yet safe to drive?Two days later i received a phone call from Pat with the sweet sound of success, he was able to cut off $2,000!!!  Yes, it will be safe but other repairs will definitely need to be made…maybe in a couple weeks! Pam… we know who runs that place! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Jess W.

One of the best places we have ever used! They treated me like family, called every week, answered questions and gave me a box of chocolates when I picked up my car for Christmas. They did a wonderful job with our car. Thank you for all of your hard work and help. You all are more than just a collision shop 🙂 faith in humanity restored!

Deliaghassan N.

Marco went way above and beyond to take care of me. Collision craftsmen of macomb is an honest and trustworthy collision shop that takes care of their customers. I told Marco to “just rig it up” and he told me ” you know how I work if I can’t do it the right way than I’m not going to do it.” Do yourselves a favor and take your vehicle to them you won’t be disappointed.

Jeff Azzopardi: As an add on to this after I picked up my truck I got 2 miles down the road and the damn thing wouldn’t move anymore so naturally I called Marco and Pam answered. I told her what happened she put Marco on the phone Marco immediately put the mechanics shop on a 3-way call and we had it towed to the shop. The reason I love this facility is when all this happened they actually called to make sure I had a ride to get the rental car back and that I was safe. I will never, I repeat never go to another shop for body work as long as those doors are open for business. Thanks Pam and Marco. Your lifelong customer and friend- Jeff Azzopardi

Jeff Azzopardi

Brought my Mazda here after someone had backed into me. Marco was very helpful, and I even received a call to update me on the progress of my little boy. The work was done one day sooner than expected and when I picked my vehicle up, he looked better than before. They even washed him, shined him up, and cleaned up the interior. Was not expecting that. Highly recommend!

Monica Przybyl

Had my Jeep in for repairs after an auto accident. They stayed open late waiting for my car to be towed there. They even offered to come pick me up from the accident location. I received a phone call to see how I was after accident and was always kept well informed on the progress of the repairs.

When repairs were finished I picked up my very clean car. Even had coworkers comment on how sparkling clean my car was!

Denise Resseguie

Marco is very knowledgeable and friendly. He & his team are awesome at what they do. If you’re looking for honest, great quality, reasonably priced work-go see them!!!!

Monique Viger

Had such a wonderful experience at Collision Crafstmen! Marco and his staff were helpful, friendly, and made me feel so comfortable. My expectations were definitely exceeded. Highly recommended!

Graziella Pizzo